Weekend happiness: 15th June 2015


This weekend seemed to just fly past in a complete whirl. But it was a good one, that’s for sure. Here’s a quick roundup of how it panned out.

On Friday evening we set off down to Cornwall at about 8pm. Now this may sound like a crazy time for Northerners to make the 5+ hour trip down to the West Country, but there was logic behind leaving at this time. Basically, we all know the motorways are crazily busy from about 15:00 or earlier on a Friday. So we just try and avoid the busy times by setting off later. Yes, it means we didn’t arrive until 2am, but I think it was worth it, even if it did involve driving in crazy rain in the dark.

The other thing that makes Cornwall worth the trip is that it’s Cornwall. It’s wall-to-wall beautiful. It’s so easy to drive around and just find hidden coves or little villages, and there’s pretty much always something to see in every single one. This visit was a bit of a flying one, and I will write a more detailed post about it soon, but it was so great to explore a different part of Cornwall. We are in love with St Ives and so have kind of been a bit blinkered about other parts of Cornwall – this trip really opened our eyes to everything else that’s out there to be enjoyed.


So, a quick bullet point summary of the things that made me happy:

  • A Saturday morning beach trip.
  • Heading into Fowey for a wander and some food.
  • Drinking takeaway tea in cardboard cups overlooking the sea.
  • Going for a walk by the river Tamar.
  • Popping for a drink in the village pub. St Austell Brewery make so many tasty drinks.
  • Eating our bodyweight in homecooked food. Chicken with asparagus and veg. Yum yum yum.
  • Having clotted cream with egg-free key lime cheesecake. Seriously, this was SO good, I didn’t have time to take a photo because I just wanted it to be in my mouth.
  • Eating local strawberries with our breakfast.
  • Visiting the National Coastwatch Institution at Rame Head. This was geeky but so interesting.
  • Having pasties sitting on the beach with a can of coke.
  • Getting the ferry from Torpoint to Plymouth. Shortest ferry ride EVER.
  • Singing in the car on the way up the motorway.
  • Getting into our bed on Sunday night to fresh sheets.
  • Our cats welcoming us home by curling up in bed with us. Domestic bliss at its finest.



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