Travel: Why everyone should go to Cornwall at least once in their lives


It seems like our trip to Cornwall was quite a while ago, now. But in reality it was actually less than two weeks ago. Anyway, I know I already gave a quick run through of what we did during our trip, but we had such a lovely time that I thought it kind of warranted a full post. So, here goes. Sorry if you’re super bored…

Driving down to Cornwall from Yorkshire is no mean feat. Seriously, it feels like it takes forever, and the journey feels even longer when it’s dark and raining really hard. Those are not the ingredients for a good roadtrip. Anyway, the journey was worth it when we arrived at my dad’s house in Calstock at 2am to a warm welcome and a comfy bed.

On Saturday morning we headed down to Polkerris Beach, which is a real hidden gem. Even though most other beaches and even pubs have tons of those brown tourist road signs directing people to them, Polkerris doesn’t have any of that. Either you know it’s there, or you happen to drive past the end of the track leading down to the beach (where there IS a sign), otherwise you probably wouldn’t know to go there. Anyway, its a really cute little cove with a watersports centre, cafe, pub and restaurant. Worth a trip if you’re down that way.

We were very classy and had a cup of tea and a lion bar overlooking the water, and generally just enjoyed soaking up the seaside air. We don’t get much of it in Sheffield, that’s for sure. Then we headed along the coast just a little bit and parked above Fowey. Now, this is somewhere I have mis-pronounced for years, and thought it was hilarious that the sign at the car park said ‘Fowey, whose name rhymes with Joy’. So, yeah, you pronounced it ‘Foy’. That’s my top tip of this post – check how something is pronounced before talking to locals about it, otherwise it’s a pretty embarassing moment!

Fowey is lovely. It’s pretty small, but there are definitely enough shops, pubs and restaurants to fill an afternoon with. We had a wander along the main shopping street and there are so many cute shops selling all sorts of things, from clothing to home stuff. I could have spent my entire annual salary in pretty much all of the shops. My personal fave was one called ‘Brocante‘, which had so many lovely things in it. The owner was a bit ‘hover-y’ and so I didn’t take any photos, but it’s a gorgeous shop.


We also had a yummy lunch at the Ship Inn. I feel like I should be completely honest – we loved the food, but they did get our order a bit wrong (mayo on my sandwich, even though we asked for it to be without because of the egg allergy issue, and the husband got a pork and apple sandwich even though he ordered bbq pulled pork!). But the food we did eat (albeit at separate times because of the mayo problem) was super tasty.

The other great place we found was the Quay Bakery. I was literally so excited that they listed all the ingredients for each product – for someone with an allergy this is the best thing. We got some saffron buns to take home, and I bought a little packet of chocolate chip cookies. They were so amazingly yummy! And egg-free, which makes me the happiest ever. There were a few other little bakeries, but we didn’t go in because we were so full from lunch and had already bought treats to take home.

Just to say something about Calstock – it’s a beautiful little town. I think it has some kind of special world heritage status, but to be honest I didn’t pay a lot of attention to why! What a superficial tourist I am. But the main thing to say is it has a lovely river, a big bridge, and two good pubs. Haha, that is how I judge a place! But yes, on Saturday afternoon we went for a walk along the river Tamar in Calstock. On the walk we came across one of the cutest things I have seen in a while. A traditional Cornish dry stone wall, and local residents leave little toys and figurines in it as decorations. Honestly, it is so adorable. I took photos of a few of my fave bits…




After that I had a nap, because man oh man was I tired. Then the evening involved home cooked food and a trip to the pub, plus more wine at home. The ideal combination for me!

Sunday involved a lie in – this wasn’t intentional but both out phones had run out of charge so we had no idea what time it was when we woke up, so spent a good amount of time lounging around in bed haha! Anyway, after literally the best breakfast of muesli with fresh strawberries (yum yum yummmm) we headed out to the cliffs above Whitsand’s Bay, and went for a walk up at Rame Head. It’s a gorgeous part of the world, and on a sunnier day would seriously rival Greek islands in terms of how beautiful it is.


Then we headed down into what I thought was called Rame but is actually a place called Cawsand (thanks to my husband for pointing out my geography mistake!) which has a cute little beach. We bought pasties, chips and a ham salad baguette for me (Cornish baked goods are not the one for those who can’t eat egg or anything glazed with egg to make it shiny!) and sat overlooking the beach eating and swigging cans of coke. We loved it.


I also saw another really cute thing walking through the little town – crocheted bunting on hanging baskets! This is like the most unnecessary thing in the world but how lovely is it?! Adorable.


After lunchtime we had to head home, because it is prettyyyy far. We decided to take a bit of a scenic route and get the ferry from Torpoint to Plymouth. It was the easiest thing in the world – you just drive straight onto the ferry, pay your £1.50, and then sit in your car for about 10 minutes for the crossing. We got out of our car (it is allowed, I promise!) to look out of the side of the ferry, but we had to get straight back in the car pretty much because we had arrived already! Short and sweet.


Yes, the journey home is LONG, but I absolutely loved our weekend down there. I always thought of Cornwall as being way too far for a weekend, but I think particularly for a three day weekend it is do-able. Particularly if you pick your location carefully and go for somewhere in North Cornwall, as opposed to our old favourite of St Ives and Sennen, which is literally almost at Lands End, aka the furthest you can actually go! Anyway, we are excited to go back down again pretty soon. My lovely girls bought us glamping vouchers for a wedding present, so we’re hoping to go down in August and use them somewhere near a beach.

So in summary, GO TO CORNWALL. If you can, and actually want to, that is. Otherwise maybe stay at home.

India xx


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