A weekend in Cornwall


We are in love with Cornwall, and luckily thanks to my Dad’s house move last year, we now have a better excuse than ever to visit lots. Though to be honest we have been majorly slacking on the visiting Cornwall front, we came once in June last year and now we have come back again. But now Richard’s work involves being down South and travelling more, it all of a sudden seems a lot more accessible in some weird way. So I am hoping we will be in and around Cornwall more often in 2016.

Day one – Easter Sunday

We headed down to Calstock (where my dad lives) early on Easter Sunday. I know this isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect time to travel, but it worked for the other things we needed to do over Easter weekend. We kind of forgot about the clocks going back when we decided on our 5:30am set off time. So when the alarm went off and we realised how horrendous it felt to be up and about at what felt like 4am to us, we snuggled back under the duvet for a little while and set off at 6:30am instead. We made one quick stop at Trencham services near Gloucester for the standard McMuffin (for him) and porridge (for me, I am trying to be healthy after all) and even with a little detour past the in-laws’ to drop something off, we did door to door in 5 hours flat.


When we arrived at 11:30 we headed to my dad’s house for a cup of tea and then some homemade soup for lunch, dropped our stuff off in the little one bedroom apartment in their courtyard (which they actually rent out here on air bnb, in case you’re interested), and then headed out to Looe for a look around. I haven’t been to Looe before and my take on it was that it is quite cute but also mega touristy, which isn’t 100% my cup of tea. I would definitely go again but I much preferred Fowey, which we visited last time we were here. But the main thing is we saw the beach, Richard had a pasty and some donuts and I had an ice cream. So seaside prerequisites were complete!


After we had wandered around Looe for a couple of hours (we must have walked SO far during that time) we headed over the hill to Polperro. Now this was much more up my street. It is a tiny historic fishing village, and you park at the top of the town and then walk down through narrow little streets to the harbour. There were a couple of lovely pubs with live musicians playing and the music filtered out as we wandered along. The town was quiet despite it being bank holiday weekend because we arrived after 5 and most of the shops were shut. I would definitely like to go back again and experience it in all its glory. The houses in the harbour were gorgeous, and one of them even had its own little boat on a winch which I thought was adorable.


After heading home for a drink in the local and a Sunday roast at home, we had an early night because the early morning was definitely catching up with us by that point and the sea air had made us super sleepy.

Day Two – Bank Holiday MondayIMG_8792


On bank holiday Monday we got up not super early but early enough and took the dog for a walk with my dad, then headed home for toast and tea. We had booked in for lunch at The View, which is a gorgeous restaurant and cafe that looks out over Whitsand’s Bay. The food was so yummy, I had fish for my starter with haricot beans. Then for my main I had chicken with pink peppercorn sauce, red cabbage and veggies. I washed it all down with local elderflower presse. The name of the restaurant gives it away but seriously, we had a window table and the view was amazing. They also have a roof terrace which is open in summer and the vistas from up there must be even more spectacular.


After lunch we went down to Cawsand, which we visited last time we were here, and then walked along to Kingsand which is just about 10 minutes walk along the coast. We stopped for a drink on the waterfront at the Devonport Inn as it started to rain pretty heavily. It was a lovely surprise find with a roaring fire and what looked like a really yummy menu (and NOTHING on the menu had egg in, can you believe that?!) and I think we will definitely go back one day in the future for something to eat.



We then strolled back to the car and headed home, and it was back to earth with a bit of a bump as we both had a bit of work to catch up on during the early evening so we sat on the sofa with our laptops in front of the fire. After a cosy evening watching some TV we headed to bed.

Day Three- Tuesday

On Tuesday (which I realise doesn’t actually count as the weekend, but go with it) Richard had to go to work so I made the most of spending time with my dad. In the morning we went for a walk for a couple of hours, along to Cotehele via the waterfront quay on the Tamar, then through the Bohetherick wood to the old mill and Cotehele House. We didn’t go into any of the landmarks because they weren’t open yet, but next time I would love to stop for a cup of tea at the Edgcumbe tearoom at the Quay, or maybe even for a cream tea.


After our walk the heavens opened so it was an afternoon at home waiting for the rain to pass and doing some slightly less exciting but no less important things like catching up with freelance work, helping my dad with his ipad and talking to our mechanic on the phone. Slowly but surely, real life starts to creep back in, doesn’t it?!


In the evening we headed down to the Tamar Inn on the waterfront for fish and chips and then to The Boot, which is just at the end of my Dad’s lane (aka two minutes walk from his house) for Richard to enjoy his last couple of pints of Tribute, his favourite Cornish ale which is brewed just across the county in St Austell.

We finally came home on Wednesday afternoon after a day of us both working, and then the following day we were off up to Newcastle, which couldn’t be further from our little Calstock hideaway as it is literally hundreds of miles from Cornwall. Hopefully we will be back down in our favourite county soon enough, we definitely have a trip planned for some time in August but to the other side, to St Ives we are hoping.

Are you a Cornwall fan? I would love to hear your recommendations of places to see/things to do.

India xx



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