Weekend happiness: 6th June 2016


This weekend was a Cornish one, which if you ask me is always the best type of weekend. I am so grateful that there is a plus side to my dad living so far away, and that plus is that we get to explore Cornwall more, and have weekends like this one. Here’s a quick re-run of what we got up to:

Friday roadtrip. Straight after work on Friday we headed to meet my brother and then roadtripped down to Cornwall. It takes around 5 hours plus a stop, so it’s just a little bit longer than is truly comfortable! The trip involved a weird McDonalds meal (with lukewarm chips) and lots of singing along to dodgy music, plus a pretty beautiful sunset. We arrived at 11pm and pretty much headed straight to bed.

Seaside time. On Saturday we headed over to Padstow, primarily because we wanted to be by the seaside (my dad lives on the river Tamar but a little bit inland from the actual beach) and also because I haven’t ever really seen that part of Cornwall close to Newquay and so on. I definitely loved exploring a new town and Padstow has lots of shops and restaurants and pubs for mooching around. I had some amazing roasted veg pasta which we ate on the harbour front, and the best ever peanut butter and chocolate ice cream which I ate before we even had chance to take a photo because lets face it, the seagull struggle is real in English coastal towns. After Padstow we headed along to Harlyn beach and laid around for an hour watching the stand up paddle boarders and wishing we were in the water with them.


Saturday mealtime. On Saturday evening we headed over to Cawsand and walked through to the Devonport Inn at Kingsand where we had tea. The food was lovely – we shared a baked camembert and then I had mussels, though I majorly over ordered and should definitely have had a starter portion of the mussels!

Sunday sunshine and walks. We kicked off the final day of the weekend with a little morning walk along the river with the dog – he can’t walk so far now he is getting older, a mile or so is long enough and a nice gentle way to start the morning. After a big bowl of muesli with some yummy strawberries, my dad opened his birthday prezzies in the sunshine and then we headed for a roast at their local pub. With super full bellies we headed off on our second walk of the day, the same walk I did last time I visited my dad, but this time Richard and my brother also came along which was lovely. We went along to Cotehele Quay, past the mill and then past the house and back along into the village past the boatyard. By the end we were all pretty sweaty as it was blazing sunshine, so we had quick showers and then rounded off the weekend with birthday cake for my dad and a final cup of tea before making the long journey home.

I was super sad to leave, especially when we had been there less than 48 hours and the weather for the week ahead was promising to be more of the same wall to wall sunshine. It’s so hard to tear ourselves away, but then when we get back to Sheffield it feels like home and I know we would miss it if we moved away. We will be back down in Cornwall again in August so not too long to wait.

How was your weekend?

India xx


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