Travel: Cornwall part two

After our lovely weekend in Fowey, we headed across to St Ives for the rest of our Cornish stay. St Ives has a special place in our hearts, Richard has been going there all of his life and I have visited quite a few times with him since our first trip there in 2005. It’s such a beautiful place, and more than anything the colours and the light are just amazing, like something from the Carribbean.

I’ve split this part of our trip into not one, not two, but three posts, because there were just so many pictures I didn’t want them all crammed into one! So I hope you enjoy this four part series…


Top of our list was to go and get a pasty for lunch, so we popped into Pengenna and Philps’ to load ourselves up with pastry. There’s nothing quite like a Cornish pasty in Cornwall, is there? We met my brother and his girlfriend who had been in the town for the weekend, and had a little wander along the harbour in the sunshine, I could almost feel my body relaxing as I soaked up the vitamin D and settled in for our week in this beautiful town.

This time we opted to stay towards the top of the town. I have to say I hadn’t anticipated the combo of it being 25 degrees or me being 32 weeks pregnant when we booked it, or I might have chosen something a little lower down. But we really like staying up near Ayr because it’s a little bit quieter, our apartment came with parking, and also you get amazing sea views up there which just aren’t possible down in the town without paying crazy prices.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations on lovely child friendly places to stay in St Ives please do let me know, we are hunting for somewhere for New Year to take baby for his first Cornwall trip.

On our first evening we met up Richard’s brother, his girlfriend and our niece for a little wander and a few drinks, it was lovely to do some catching up with them as so often we don’t manage to see them at home and it’s rare we do things as a foursome (five now with the little one, soon to be six!). We love the Lifeboat Inn on the front, Richard is obsessed with Tribute ale by St Austell Brewery and so having a pint of that also tends to be pretty high on the to do list for him.


Tuesday dawned super sunny, so after a morning walk and a bit of a rest we headed down to the beach and hired ourselves some deck chairs like true Brits. The great thing about St Ives is just how many beaches there are in such a short distance, all offering different things. Richard’s family have always been fans of Porthgwidden, so we headed there and bumped into the rest of the family down there as well, so the boys played games with the kids on the beach and us girls got to relax a little on the sand for a while!

I have to say I was completely unprepared for how amazing the weather would be during our stay, the forecast had vaguely said sun and cloud and around 18 degrees maximum, so I didn’t even really think to pack beach stuff beyond a blanket for us to lie on. It ended up that the weather was pretty scorching every day, regularly above 25 degrees and even up to 29/30. I hadn’t packed a bikini or shorts, so I resorted to wearing floral pj shorts on the beach (they basically looked like beach shorts I promise) with a bandeau top.

Being pregnant has made me super sensitive to the sun, so we also had to buy some suncream (we didn’t take any because it’s England!) to make sure we didn’t burn, we did come back looking pretty bronzed though as there’s just no escaping it when you’re walking around so much.

In the evening we were pretty tired but we managed to make it to St Just to buy ourselves some fish and chips, and then drove along to Sennen Cove to eat them looking out over the sea. Sennen really is one of those amazingly gorgeous places that people often miss, it seems to be getting a bit of investment now though and there is a new beach sunset bar which has been built above the surf school since we last went which looks fun, we will definitely be going back for a drink there at some point soon.

After a walk along the beach we headed along to the pier wall, we overestimated how far the tide had gone out and Richard got a bit wet when he got hit by a wave, thankfully I was being a bit more cautious and managed to avoid it! At this point the sky was clear and with 45 minutes until sunset we thought it was worth waiting, cue a 35 minute wait until right before sunset when the clouds descended and the sunset was basically hidden. Major fail, but still lovely to see the sun sinking into the sky.


This turned out to be a jam packed day for us, the weather was absolutely amazing so we thought we should make the most of it. We started the morning with an amazing discovery, that the shop round the corner from our apartment sold fresh egg-free pain au chocolat and pain au raisin delivered daily by Baker Tom. This was such a treat for me, I ate one of each on that morning!

During the day we went to Porthcurno and Mousehole, you can see all about this in a separate post here as this one was just getting mega long!

At the end of the day I was feeling exhausted, but somehow we found the energy to pop to the beach at the harbour for a little sit down with our niece. Then later that evening we met back up again to go for a drink, we chose Pedn Olva as our starting point and I would highly recommend it, their food also looked super tasty but the real attraction for us was the roof terrace with its amazing views. Pedn Olva has different terraces all round and probably one of the best positions in St Ives, whether you want a view across Porthminster, or of the harbour, or straight out to sea, it has them all.

For tea we went to an Italian on the harbour front which was lovely, one of the things we loved about visiting the town at this time of year is that it wasn’t overly busy. In August it’s practically impossible to get a table in any restaurant, whereas we just strolled up at 8:30 and got a table for five no problem in June, which makes everything less stressful. Especially with kiddos in tow, you can’t always be sure what time you might be ready to eat so the flexibility is handy.

You can read about the rest of our week in the next post (number three! a mammoth series for one trip!) here.

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