Travel: Cornwall part three

I have been to Cornwall several times but never made it to Porthcurno or the little village of Mousehole, so during our visit to St Ives we decided to make a trip to both places. You can read these all about parts one, two and four of our trip if you’re interested.


We were super lucky with the weather the week that we were there, and so on the Wednesday morning we headed out after breakfast to drive to Porthcurno.

It basically felt like a Greek Island cove, with beautiful turquoise sea and pale sands. We got there mid-morning and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to arrive any later, it was pretty quiet when we got there but seemed to fill up steadily from that point. Next time I will definitely aim to get there earlier, and maybe even take a breakfast picnic to avoid the crowds.

We lazed around on our blanket for a couple of hours and it was honestly one of the most blissed out parts of our holiday, even though there were two school groups nearby, when the view is so gorgeous it’s not hard to relax. The sand is so perfectly pale, and we even managed to collect some seaglass during a walk along the shoreline.

After a couple of hours of lying on the sand, we headed back up to the car.We didn’t stop to see the Menack Theatre just above Porthcurno, mainly because I was pregnant and starting to get hungry (everyone knows this is a killer combination), but also because it was already around 26 degrees and after the morning on the beach I was getting a little bit hot and sweaty and didn’t fancy lots more walking at that stage. And so onto Mousehole we went.


Mousehole was another new place for me that I have wanted to visit for years. It’s so quaint with a lovely harbour and adorable little shops, including ‘The Mousehole’, a beautiful gifts and interiors shop which has its very own cat who just sleeps on the counter, I mean how lovely is that?

We were headed to the Rockpool Cafe, a bit of an institution apparently, and definitely worth a visit. You just have to walk around the front of the town, past all the rockpools (the clue is in the name I guess!) and it’s perched just above the sea.

I had the tastiest crab sandwich, they were able to swap the normal mayo for creme fraiche mayo which made it egg-free friendly. I wasn’t really sure if you should eat crab when pregnant but thought it couldn’t hurt just the once, and it was too good to pass up when it had been freshly caught just along the coast in Newlyn. I could murder another one of those sandwiches right now!

It was the perfect day to sit outside the cafe on the terrace, take in the view and sip our drinks, the sun was pretty hot at this point so I did have to retreat into the shade for a few minutes, but it was absolutely blissful and could easily have been the mediterranean. I genuinely wouldn’t have known if someone had said we were in the Algarve or Greece, it is so beautiful when the sun shines in Cornwall.

After our lunch we walked a little bit along the coast, Richard hopping over rockpools and me…just trying to stay upright! He went a little further round whilst I perched myself in the sunshine and chilled out for a few minutes, before we started our walk back along the water’s edge.

We had a little mosey round the shops on our way back to the car, and took in some of the adorable little streets and cafes that were dotted around behind the harbour. We will definitely be coming back, we thought our return trip might have to wait until baby is older as the walk to the Rockpool Cafe isn’t super pram friendly, but on our drive out we realised it’s really easily accessed from a car park on the top side as well so we can take the little one there next summer for sure.

Read about the rest of our week in St Ives here and here, and our weekend in Fowey here. We are just falling further and further in love with Cornwall.

India xx


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