A weekend in Whitby

Towards the end of February we booked a little weekend trip to Whitby, with the aim of getting some sea air and relaxation time. It’s the perfect place for a slice of seaside and relaxation.

The good thing about the East Coast for us is that it’s only a couple of hours driving, and the trip is pretty beautiful over the moors, and it gives us such a different feel to Sheffield but without the mammoth driving task.

This time I splashed out on the same hotel we stayed at for our ten year anniversary weekend away, at Raithwaite Hall. We love the spa there and last time our trip was just so relaxing. This time the hotel wasn’t such a hit, it changed hands in 2014 and the service wasn’t quite so good and our room was definitely a dud. I don’t want to get into complaining here, and the hotel have very kindly offered us a free stay in future to make up for the disappointing one this time. In summary it wasn’t as restful as we had hoped but we are looking forward to giving it another try at some point.

Whitby itself is a bit like Scarborough in that it’s a traditional East Coast seaside town, but with a slightly different feel I think. Whitby is definitely seeing some up market investment, with some lovely looking cafes and delis springing up along the front which is changing the vibe a little from dinky donuts to lattes and avocado, and I think that’s probably a good thing. Whenever we visit we love to just wander around, taking in all the sights, popping into a few shops, and then of course topping our day off with fish and chips is an absolute must.

I couldn’t believe how many steps we did over the weekend, on the first day alone we wandered around for so long we did over 20,000 steps! Oh how I long to be able to do that now, the trip was back when I was around 16 weeks pregnant so still full of beans and without much of a bump!

Our weekend included a walk up the Abbey, which we didn’t actually go into because we are cheapskates, but we did walk around the Church grounds opposite for an amazing view over the bay and the other side of Whitby. It was very windy the weekend we went, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a walk up to the top of the hill and the view was definitely worth it. I also hadn’t realised there is a little tea room up near the Abbey next to the Youth Hostel which looks lovely, it wasn’t open for the year yet but good to know for future visits.

We also love to walk along the pier, this time Richard’s parents came and joined us on the Sunday so Richard and his dad braved the trip up the lighthouse while me and his mum stayed firmly at the bottom with dog! Apparently the views from the top of the lighthouse are absolutely incredible, and it only costs about £1.50 to climb when it’s open, which is a bargain price.

Other highlights of the weekend for us included taking the in-laws’ puppy for her first trip to the beach. Watching her reaction to the sand moving beneath her feet was priceless, and navigating how to run through the waves was also another hilarious one. It just shows that sometimes the seemingly small things are the best, she was so happy on the beach, running along and making friends and it was lovely to watch.

On the Saturday evening we continued what is now a little tradition for us, and went for fish and chips at Trenchers restaurant. It’s a bit of a Whitby institution and we love it. I can’t eat traditional fish and chips as their batter contains eggs, but I adore their fish pie which has so many chunks of freshly caught fish. I also admired some of their fresh salads this time which looked amazing, I will definitely be trying one of those in future.

All in all it was a lovely little getaway, I felt thoroughly relaxed even if I was a bit tired from all of the walking, who knows in total over the weekend how many miles my poor pregnant feet walked!

Have you been to Whitby before? Let me know if you have any recommendations for our next trip.

India xx


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