My pregnancy essentials

IMG_3746I am roughly three quarters of the way through my pregnancy now (yep, time flies!) so I thought I would put together a little list of the things that have helped me to stay as comfortable as possible this far, that I would hand on heart recommend to other mamas-to-be. View Full Post

Weekend happiness: 24th April 2017


This is a bit of a cheat post, really, because our weekend actually started on Thursday. My genius husband had the amazing idea that rather than taking extra days off directly after the Easter weekend, we could go back to work for a couple of days and then have another long weekend. I literally skipped home on Wednesday! And then here’s how the long weekend unfolded… View Full Post

We have some news


So I know a little while ago I made an announcement in a Friday happy things post, but I thought I would do a dedicated post to talk a little more about growing a small human, aka being pregnant. We are so excited to be expecting a new addition in August, and also very grateful that so far (touch every piece of wood around!) we have had a complication-free pregnancy. View Full Post

A lovely Easter weekend


What is it about bank holiday weekends which just make everything so much better? I had a spring in my step (sorry, excuse the seasons pun there) all of last week just because I knew that come Friday, instead of being in the office I would be having my hair cut and wandering around the shops. And I was right to let the long weekend brighten my whole week, because it was a lovely one.

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Weekend happiness: 20th March 2017

IMG_3090It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend post, and that’s not because lots hasn’t been happening at weekends, it’s mainly because I just kept running out of time to actually blog about them. I still have a post in draft about our trip to Whitby in February, and am generally just feeling a bit behind with all things blogging. But hopefully this and next week, with Richard away a bit, I will have some time in the evenings to do a big old catch up on all things blogging. Right, let’s get on with the lovely things that happened this weekend: View Full Post