On making big life decisions


I know that for some people, making a decision about whether to have a kitchen extension doesn’t actually qualify as a life decision, and certainly not a BIG life decision. But for Richard and I, some of the most indecisive and quite frankly tight people you will ever meet, it has been a long and drawn out decision process. You might remember me mentioning a few times that our house was a big renovation project, and we were kind of reluctant to pour money into a kitchen extension when if we are going to move house that money could go on the new, next house. View Full Post

And onto the next


This post is one of those ones where I ramble and spill my heart and as I’m writing I worry whether I am going to offend everyone in my family and some friends who read this blog too. But here we are. The title of this one is much more cryptic than I usually go for. Basically I have noticed recently that I need a project to focus on. Something that isn’t work related, and isn’t blog related. I basically crave things to focus on, to give me purpose. And when those things are lacking, I feel a bit directionless. Hence, I feel that sometimes I just move from one thing, to the next, to the next. View Full Post

A little September round up


The ninth month of the year is done. Dusted. Finished. Onto the next. I can’t quite believe that it is October. I feel like September was the month that it finally felt a bit like summer and then immediately flipped from being 27 degrees and sweaty to being cold and cool and autumnal. All of a sudden the evenings and mornings get darker and the pace just…changes. So it’s lovely to look back over my month and do a little round up, if only to remind me it’s less than three weeks since I was prancing around in shorts. View Full Post

Attempting a spending fast

Earlier this year I went through the slightly scary process of calculating my earnings, taking away my actual living expenses (i.e. bills etc) and then seeing how much I had spent above and beyond the basics over the past twelve months. The number of thousands (yes, I know, thousands. How?!) of pounds I had spent on things I don’t have very much to show for was astonishing. That realisation kicked me into gear and made me think about how I spend my money, and whether I should be trying to be more careful in future. Hence the idea of attempting a spending fast. View Full Post

20 reasons to actually get excited for autumn


I first published this post last year (2015) but let’s face it, these reasons are all still true, so I thought I would re-publish as a little reminder to myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t be too sad to say ‘adios’ to summertime.

I think it’s safe to say that summer is behind us, and we are headed towards autumn at a pretty alarming speed. I loved this summer, even though lots of it did seem to be a bit of a wash out and there definitely weren’t enough sunny Saturdays spent in beer gardens. The best thing about making the most of sunny evenings, though, and planning a sunshine break for the end of the summer, is that I still feel like my vitamin D levels are sufficiently topped up. I might feel differently in a few weeks, but for now I am feeling pretty relaxed and actually looking forward to Christmas, which never happens to me! But before the festive season, we’ve got the joys of autumn to look forward to, so I thought I would share with you all the reasons I am actually looking forward to this new season, twenty whole reasons to actually be excited for autumn. View Full Post

A little catch up


What started out as an intention to schedule blogs during July for whilst I’ve been away has kind of ended up being almost three weeks without blogging. Ooops. But I have to say that due to how a few people have been reacting to things I have blogged, it kind of made me question whether I should be carrying on when I feel like I have to be very careful what I do and don’t share. I’m still not 100% sure about the balance, but for now I’m just going to keep on keeping on, but maybe with a few more spontaneous posts and a little less routine. We will see how we go. View Full Post

A little June roundup


Apologies that this post is only arriving on the 7th July, aka almost a quarter of the way through the month, but it seems I forgot that I was planning on doing a June roundup! Anyway, you can see my roundup of May here, and June was another super busy month which flew past. The summer will be over and it will be winter before we know it, so I need to make sure I am making the absolute most of every summer moment. View Full Post