Maternity leave so far

So far I have had four weeks of maternity leave, and after all my worrying that baby would come early, at the time of writing I am 40+5 weeks pregnant and no sign of him yet! I thought I would share a few things I have loved doing on maternity leave so far before baby arrives and throws our world into chaos. View Full Post

What we have bought for baby

I always find it so interesting to read people’s lists of what they did and didn’t find useful when their baby arrived, but as I may not have time to blog about what’s great and what’s not once he is here, I thought I would start by sharing what we HAVE bought. Feel free to leave suggestions of things we have missed off the list in the comments. View Full Post

Pregnancy and fitness: beyond pregnancy

In the first three posts in this pregnancy fitness ‘series’, I’ve spoken about my experiences of exercise in the first, second and third trimesters. As I’m getting ever closer to not being pregnant anymore, I’ve started to think about my hopes for ‘after’, that strange time which I can’t quite imagine yet but have to start thinking about! So here are my thoughts on exercising after baby is here. View Full Post

Travel: Cornwall part two

After our lovely weekend in Fowey, we headed across to St Ives for the rest of our Cornish stay. St Ives has a special place in our hearts, Richard has been going there all of his life and I have visited quite a few times with him since our first trip there in 2005. It’s such a beautiful place, and more than anything the colours and the light are just amazing, like something from the Carribbean. View Full Post

Travel: Cornwall part one

It’s not hard to figure out that I am in love with Cornwall. After all, it seems I do a few posts a year on how much I love the place (see here , here , here and here). For the past few years we have only ever managed pretty short trips down to the South West, so this time we decided to take a full nine days and really make the most of it.

We set off for my dad’s house in Calstock on the Thursday, and made it down for a late tea and a catch up. The following morning we had a walk along the river, it’s such a beautiful part of the world, and was the perfect start to the holiday to help us get into relaxation mode.

Mid-morning on the Friday we drove to Fowey to meet Richard’s family. We rented a big house there for all eight of us plus our little one year old niece and the family dog, in celebration of my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. We had a little wander around the town in the afternoon, then checked into the house and got settled before tucking into a spag bol tea and making plans for the weekend.

Saturday was pretty rainy, but after a walk with the dog we persevered and went to Mevagissey, which is a beautiful little harbour town. The weather did not play ball at all and we got soaked whilst we were there, but on a sunny day I imagine it is just gorgeous, and definitely one to go back to. We sheltered from the rain in the pub and had chip butties overlooking the harbour, before heading for home to escape the weather.

On the Sunday the boys went sailing, we had chartered a yacht for a day as a present for their dad, so we stayed at the house and did some shopping in Fowey, there were so many things I could have bought. I loved the White Doll Arts shop which had some beautiful pottery pieces made on the premises and also some by other local artisans. I bought Richard a salt pig which will have pride of place in our new kitchen once it’s installed.

We then went for a lovely afternoon tea before all meeting up back at the house for fish and chips. That evening we went back down to the harbour for a drink to toast the weekend.

I absolutely love being by the sea, and having a little one and a dog there with us just made the trip even better. I love taking the dog for walks and although she couldn’t go on any beaches she did manage to have a swim off the harbour. It was also really lovely to stay just above the main part of the town so we were able to just nip in and out as we wanted, and there was a little local shop on the same road and of course great views from the living room. We always try and choose somewhere with sea views as then even if the weather is awful you can sit inside and look at the sea. We are such seaside addicts!

All too soon it was Monday morning, our long family weekend was over but we were excited for the next part of our trip as we headed off to St Ives for the rest of the week. More to come on that in a separate post as otherwise it would just be picture overload!

India xx