Friday happy things: 26th August 2016


Happy almost-bank-holiday-weekend! It’s so close I can almost taste it. This week has been hot hot hot hasn’t it? Plus a weird rainy day yesterday. So lots of lazing around for me this week and walking around like a bit of a sweaty mess. Here are a few of the nice things that have happened this week:

Homemade pizzas. Ok so we ever so slightly cheated on this one and bought frozen dough from the Northern Dough Co (one of our purchases from last weekend’s visit to Waitrose, because yeah we are fancy) but seriously, these pizzas tasting a-mazing. And it was even better when I had my leftovers for lunch with a big ol’ salad the next day. I can’t recommend the ready made dough enough, and it doesn’t have loads of weird or unnatural ingredients in it so we just topped with passata and italian herbs, plus some mozarella and I had some marscapone because I am obsessed, and it was all kinds of awesome. Oh and also really quick and easy. We are definitely going to be heading to Waitrose again this weekend purely to get more of this dough.

Cafe working. On Tuesday I headed a little way from the office for a meeting with a design studio (that sounds fancy, doesn’t it?!) and then afterwards I couldn’t face walking back up to the office in the heat so I popped to one of my favourite cafes, The Grind at Kelham Island, and got myself a peppermint tea and settled down to do some work. It was lovely to have a change of scenery and I felt so much more productive, plus they also had a peanut slice that didn’t have egg in so of course I HAD to order one. I couldn’t eat it all though because eyes were bigger than stomach so I brought the rest back for Richard to devour.

A little ladies’ visit to Starbucks. After work on Wednesday I popped into town to meet my mother and sister in law who had been shopping til they dropped all afternoon. We went to Starbucks for a quick drink, I had a green tea lemonade and it was so refreshing I a now a little bit obsessed and want more, I wonder if I can make my own slightly less sugary version? It was lovely to catch up and of course it was my sister-in-law’s GCSE results day yesterday so we chatted about that. FYI (in case you’re interested) she did super well and is headed off to her chosen sixth form in September, such an exciting time.

Coffee. In the early part of this week I was so super tired I could barely move, so I have been overdoing the coffee slightly but really enjoying it. Also lolz that ‘overdoing it’ for me means at least one coffee a day and a couple of takeaway coffees within that number, I know for most people this is just their normal baseline!

A new addition. On Thursday lunchtime I met my work friends, and we have a new addition to the group which is so exciting. My colleague and friend who went on maternity leave earlier this summer now has her little baby boy who is 3.5 weeks old, so she brought him along to meet us and he is heart meltingly gorgeous and just all round adorable, plus his mama is doing an awesome job and settling into motherhood amazingly, which is so lovely to see.

Getting ready for the weekend. Bank holiday weekends are my fave, and this one is going to be extra special as we have friends visiting plus I am off work all of next week yippee.

How was your week?

India xx

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Friday happy things: 12th August 2016


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Friday happy things: 5th August 2016


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