Attempting a spending fast

Earlier this year I went through the slightly scary process of calculating my earnings, taking away my actual living expenses (i.e. bills etc) and then seeing how much I had spent above and beyond the basics over the past twelve months. The number of thousands (yes, I know, thousands. How?!) of pounds I had spent on things I don’t have very much to show for was astonishing. That realisation kicked me into gear and made me think about how I spend my money, and whether I should be trying to be more careful in future. Hence the idea of attempting a spending fast. View Full Post

20 reasons to actually get excited for autumn


I first published this post last year (2015) but let’s face it, these reasons are all still true, so I thought I would re-publish as a little reminder to myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t be too sad to say ‘adios’ to summertime.

I think it’s safe to say that summer is behind us, and we are headed towards autumn at a pretty alarming speed. I loved this summer, even though lots of it did seem to be a bit of a wash out and there definitely weren’t enough sunny Saturdays spent in beer gardens. The best thing about making the most of sunny evenings, though, and planning a sunshine break for the end of the summer, is that I still feel like my vitamin D levels are sufficiently topped up. I might feel differently in a few weeks, but for now I am feeling pretty relaxed and actually looking forward to Christmas, which never happens to me! But before the festive season, we’ve got the joys of autumn to look forward to, so I thought I would share with you all the reasons I am actually looking forward to this new season, twenty whole reasons to actually be excited for autumn. View Full Post

Travel: How to spend two days in Dublin


If you’ve been around these parts as a reader for a little while, you’ll remember that Ireland has been on my ‘must see’ list for a little while, and was in my ‘eight things to do before I turn 28‘ list of goals I wrote for myself a little earlier this year, and of course my most recent update on those goals. So when it turned out that Richard was going to be around and about in Ireland doing some work for a week in September, I couldn’t pass up the chance to hop across the sea and join him, and booked myself a cheap as chips £9 Ryanair flight from Manchester to Dublin. View Full Post

Friday happy things: 23rd September 2016


It’s nearly the weekend, it’s sunny (even if it is colllld), and Richard is back from his week away tomorrow. So things are looking good. But this week I have had a couple of days where it feels as though everything has been going wrong, and that has been tough to say the least. But let’s try and focus on the positives, that’s the whole point of these posts, and there are definite good things that have happened this week: View Full Post

Travel: A trip to sunny Scarborough


I have a confession to make. I had never been to Scarborough until this year. In fact, I had never even been anywhere near Scarborough before. My Yorkshire seaside experience was basically limited to Whitby and Cleethorpes. But this year I have been determined to see more of the UK, and being only two hours away from home Scarborough was top of my list. I thought it was timely to share this post now with the UK experiencing its hottest September days for 50 odd years, oh how I wish I was at the seaside this week rather than at work!

Despite wanting to make the trip to Scarborough for a while, we kept putting it off, until one weekend in August the stars aligned, and the weather forecast for the weekend was blazing sunshine. We decided to head over to Scarborough just for a day trip to make the most of the sunshine, so on the Saturday morning we got up (slightly later than planned!) and headed off on our mini road trip. View Full Post

A bumper friday happy things: 9th September 2016


Phew. What a whirlwind few weeks. Since I last blogged we have had a bank holiday weekend, I have had a full 9 days off work, and then one whole week back at work and WOW was that a shock. So rather than split things up into week and weekend happiness I am just going to go for one bumper two week long Friday Happy Things. You were warned, sorry in advance for the length of this post, but there have been so many things that have made me smile. View Full Post