Maternity leave so far

So far I have had four weeks of maternity leave, and after all my worrying that baby would come early, at the time of writing I am 40+5 weeks pregnant and no sign of him yet! I thought I would share a few things I have loved doing on maternity leave so far before baby arrives and throws our world into chaos. View Full Post

What we have bought for baby

I always find it so interesting to read people’s lists of what they did and didn’t find useful when their baby arrived, but as I may not have time to blog about what’s great and what’s not once he is here, I thought I would start by sharing what we HAVE bought. Feel free to leave suggestions of things we have missed off the list in the comments. View Full Post

Pregnancy and fitness: beyond pregnancy

In the first three posts in this pregnancy fitness ‘series’, I’ve spoken about my experiences of exercise in the first, second and third trimesters. As I’m getting ever closer to not being pregnant anymore, I’ve started to think about my hopes for ‘after’, that strange time which I can’t quite imagine yet but have to start thinking about! So here are my thoughts on exercising after baby is here. View Full Post