Top tips for taking care of yourself on a bad day


A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days. Everyone has them (at least I hope everyone does and it’s not just me?!) where one thing after another goes wrong, everything feels like it is just piling up on top of you and it’s not one big thing, it might be lots of really small insignificant things possibly added to a longer term stressful problem, and before you know it you just want to curl up in a ball and hide away.

Now I know that things I deem as ‘problems’ or ‘stressful’ in my life wouldn’t even feature as a blip on some people’s radar, and realistically I live a very privileged and easy life, and I am in no way saying my life is hard, everything is relative. But we all have those days, no matter what the problem is, and so I thought it might be helpful to share some of the little things I do to make those days slightly brighter. No, these things don’t solve the problems, but they might make you feel a bit better.

I also just wanted to mention upfront that for some people in the depths of mental health issues, making a cup of tea and changing bed sheets is firstly a monumental task when getting out of bed is almost impossible and secondly is just not going to cut it in terms of making a difference to how you feel, and in those cases I absolutely recommend talking to your GP, but similarly if you can bring yourself to try any of the below it won’t fix the problem but it might help just a little bit.

Also just another note on that front – if you want to read actual well written advice about self-care, my lovely friend Fern has a gorgeous post on her blog which is a million times more eloquent than I could ever hope to be, so you might be interested in reading this post she wrote. And for more slap/dash approach, my tips are here:

Have a cup of tea

This is the answer to everything, isn’t it? Well, not quite, but I find making a cup of tea can sometimes be that pause you need. The ritual of boiling the kettle, dunking the tea bag and just taking those few minutes out to take a break from whatever might be stressing you out can sometimes be so helpful.

Write a to do list

This is my go-to whenever I feel stressed or anxious or out of control. I am a list person, I like the order and familiarity they give me, and I like to see everything I need to accomplish written down in front of me. Now yes this can feel overwhelming, but sometimes by going through actually writing things down and breaking them down even further into smaller tasks, everything can seem a little bit more manageable.

Tick off any majorly urgent, quick win jobs

If I’m feeling stressed because I have lots to do, often that results in me feeling so overwhelmed that I am basically paralysed into inaction and don’t know where to start. So making a start somewhere, committing to doing a few things which are ‘quick win’ like posting those letters that have been sat on your kitchen side for a week, putting away the washing etc can make you feel more in control and of course ticks a few bits of that long to do list.

Go to the gym

Sometimes this doesn’t work and it’s better to just go home and shut the door on the world, but other times I have found that if I have a class planned, going through with it despite having had a horrendous day is worth it. I have driven to the gym in tears before (sorry, DVLA, I know that is NOT safe driving!), gone to a spin class, and come out feeling 184658393 times better.

Tell someone/phone a friend for a rant

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and although this can’t always be true it does help to get things off your chest. Sometimes it even puts things into perspective, because saying out loud ‘well I had a shitty day at work and then the garden gate fell on my foot and the milk was out of date’ really does highlight that first and foremost you had a bad day, and the other things are just teeny tiny things that on a normal day wouldn’t even phase you. So saying them out loud can just bring that home. Plus the person you call might have some advice to offer on the big things that might have made your day crappy which is always helpful.

Make some comfort food

Now some people might say when you’ve had a bad day you should eat something nourishing to help your body feel better. And if that works for you, that’s great. But for me I just want comfort food. Mac n cheese, spaghetti bolognese, or a big old pie. Something stodgy and homely and tasty.

Watch your favourite TV programme, ideally under a snuggly blanket

Getting snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea (maybe a biscuit, too) and watching some of your favourite TV can take your mind off things and help to calm things down and generally make you feel a little bit better. I try and go for cheerful things that are easy to watch like ‘friends’ which I have seen so many times but still makes me laugh.

Run a bath

Sometimes a good soak with some posh bubbles is just what you need, ideally with some candles. It really does help me de-stress.

Change your bedsheets

Ideally do this whilst the bath is running, so that you can then hop out of the bath all warm and toasty and head straight into clean sheet heaven. Because we all know fresh bedding means fresh mind, right?

Put on clean PJs

After your bath, get yourself into some clean and snuggly pajamas, we all have our faves so pick yours out and get cosy.

Get yourself a bar of chocolate

I only do this on really, really bad days because I am not the biggest chocolate eater. My favourite type is the Lindt Intense orange with almond pieces, and have a couple of squares in bed is such a lovely treat it often does the trick to cheer me up.

Switch off your phone

This might not be right for you, but often I find that social media makes me feel more stressed and anxious because I see everyone off doing amazing things and working out or being in the Bahamas, and it just makes me feel even worse. So for me, putting my phone on aeroplane mode can be really helpful – I know that anyone who really needs to get hold of me can ring the house phone.

Read a good book

For me, reading really takes my mind off things, and when I read a good book I get completely drawn into that world. But whatever works for you – I remember when I was in my final year and my dad had some bad health news, I played a game called fruit ninja on my phone all. the. time. Not because it was interesting, but because it just occupied a small part of my mind enough that I couldn’t think about my dad’s health with all of my brain, so it gave me a little rest from thinking about it, if that makes any sense?

What else have you tried to help you on the tough days?

India xx


Travel: Our plans for Australia

img_0773If you’re a regular (or even just semi-regular) reader of this blog you are probably aware that we are going to Australia. I have been nattering on about this trip since the dawn of time way back at the end of last year when we booked it, after years of wanting to go and never quite having the money or the time. So here’s a little roundup of everything we are hoping to do whilst we are there.

Just before we get started I wanted to highlight that this post was originally meant to go live last weekend, but I didn’t want to jinx things…well, not publishing it didn’t seem to do any good as we still ended up having problems with typhoon Haima! But more on that another time.

Also, just a note on how long we are going for. Originally we were convinced we couldn’t justify a trip that was less than two weeks long, because the flights are so damn long and expensive. But in the end all we could find was a two week window so we just ran with it. The plus side of this is that we have been able to afford to be a bit more lavish in the places we have chosen to stay and the budget of travel money to take with us. By no means is it going to be a luxury trip, but it’s also not hostelling and we can have a beer if we want one, if you get what I mean? A sort of middle class standard of trip I guess!

Brisbane and Gold Coast

Our flight gets into Brisbane and we will be heading directly to stay with friends who live on the Gold Coast. We could 100% happily have stayed here for our entire two week trip, there is definitely more than in enough in and around here to keep us occupied. But because of how far away Australia is we thought we should try and make the most of our time there and move around a little bit.

We are really lucky to be able to stay with friends as it means we will be in a comfortable place when jetlagged, we get to properly catch up and explore with them, plus they can show us around all the lovely places they have discovered. I’m particularly excited to see places I have only seen so far on insta like Burleigh Heads and Noosa and have a strong feeling I am not going to want to leave when our five night stay is up.

They have casually talked about an itinerary which sounds pretty damn amazing, including seeing the rainforest, wine tours, stand up paddle boarding and KOALAS. Yup, I am not even remotely overexcited about the prospect of that last one.


I have been dreaming of going to these islands for what seems like forever. We are flying up from Brisbane and then staying in Airlie Beach for a night. This wasn’t our preference but flight prices meant it seemed like a good idea, then the following day we will get an early ferry out to Hamilton Island where we are staying in the Reef View Hotel which looks lovely.

We don’t have too many plans for whilst we are there, we want to have some down time, eat some fish and chips and hopefully go on a trip to Whitehaven Beach as well which I can’t wait for, it looks oh so beautiful. The Whitsundays are also the inner barrier reef so we are hoping to do some snorkelling as well.


Aaaaand finally in our packed two week itinerary we fly down to Syndey for a few days. We have got an air bnb in Surry Hills and on the list as must sees include getting the Manly ferry and going to the zoo. Apart from that we are planning on doing lots of wandering around and looking at things and hunting for awesome views of the bridge and opera house. It’s a stunning city and we can’t wait to explore it a little in the few days we are there.

So there you have it, those are our plans. Let me know if there is anything I should absolutely be doing in any of the above places. I can’t wait to share all our adventure with you once I am home, and do feel free to follow me over on Insta (@indiawoof) if you would like to follow along on our trip as I will be posting some pictures over on there.

India xx


Friday happy things: 21st October 2016


Oh my goodness, it is finally the day. All good things this week seem to have been completely overshadowed by our trip to Australia, which (all being well) is starting today. The only thing is this pesky little typhoon that is in Hong Kong at the moment, which handily is the route we chose to fly because we wanted a sliiiightly shorter flight time than going via Abu Dhabi. Oops.

Anyway, we are aiming to make the most of it and we are keeping everything crossed that our flights will only be delayed and not fully cancelled, oh and of course that we don’t end up flying through the edge of the bloody typhoon because that is 100% not on my travel bucket list.

Other fun things that have happened this week include spending a lot of time at work wrapping things up before leave, and breathing a big ol’ sigh of relief when leaving work yesterday evening, confident that my colleagues are ready to wrap up anything I haven’t already finished. Oh and puppy cuddles with our in-laws’ littlest one who is basically adorable and makes my heart melt. So now it’s time to head to the airport and (hopefully) get on a few planes.

Wish us luck!


Weekend happiness: 17th October 2016


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Friday happy things: 14th October 2016 (spoiler: full of cold and a bit of misery)


I started this blog, and in particular my Friday and weekend happy things posts to try and encourage myself to focus on the now, be more present and also to highlight to myself the positive things that happen all the time that sometimes it is easy to forget or gloss over. And this has been an amazing thing for me, it has changed how I view things. Bit similarly, I never wanted to be that blogger who puts everything in their life out there (full stop) and particularly not with a rose tinted lense on it. So this week I am putting my hands up and saying it is cold and rainy, my workload before going to Australia is manic, and I have got the cold from hell. So the positives this week are slightly few and far between, but as ever they do exist… View Full Post

On making big life decisions


I know that for some people, making a decision about whether to have a kitchen extension doesn’t actually qualify as a life decision, and certainly not a BIG life decision. But for Richard and I, some of the most indecisive and quite frankly tight people you will ever meet, it has been a long and drawn out decision process. You might remember me mentioning a few times that our house was a big renovation project, and we were kind of reluctant to pour money into a kitchen extension when if we are going to move house that money could go on the new, next house. View Full Post

Weekend happiness: 10th October 2016


This weekend flew by and we managed to get some much needed rest in as well which is exactly what we needed. We missed out on Glastonbury tickets which was mega disappointing but then we always knew they were going to be crazily popular this year so our chances were really slim. Here are some of the highlights from the rest of the weekend: View Full Post

And onto the next


This post is one of those ones where I ramble and spill my heart and as I’m writing I worry whether I am going to offend everyone in my family and some friends who read this blog too. But here we are. The title of this one is much more cryptic than I usually go for. Basically I have noticed recently that I need a project to focus on. Something that isn’t work related, and isn’t blog related. I basically crave things to focus on, to give me purpose. And when those things are lacking, I feel a bit directionless. Hence, I feel that sometimes I just move from one thing, to the next, to the next. View Full Post

Weekend happiness: 3rd October 2016


Happy October! We are so excited for this month because it’s the month we fly to the other side of the world and see Australia for the first time. Yey. But for now we have three weeks of October which isn’t in Aus and we are aiming to make the most of them, starting of course with this weekend. Here’s some of the highlights: View Full Post