Friday happy things: 17th February 2017


We are absolutely flying through Feb, aren’t we?! I didn’t manage to do a weekend post on Monday because there was a little thing called my sister’s wedding which was happening and kind of took all of my attention. But it also made my week. Here are a few of the lovely things that have happened this week (spoiler: the wedding is the main one)…

My big sister got married. After months of planning, so much attention to detail and organisation, the wedding day finally arrived on Monday. We spent Sunday with the other bridesmaids and my mum, getting our nails done and making corsages, and then on Sunday evening my sister and I headed to the hotel. We saw family, did some last minute sewing, and had room service. It meant that on Monday morning (aka w-day) we woke up excited and with lots of time to be calm, enjoy breakfast and head to the venue. Then the best day ever happened and it was awesome.

Seeing family. Yes I know this is related to the above point, but at our wedding almost two years ago we saw extended family but not for that long because we had lots of other guests as well. At this wedding I got to properly catch up with family on both my mum and dad’s sides which was so lovely.

Valentine’s day. We aren’t big on this but we do get each other cards, Richard bought be a rose and we had an M&S meal deal tea in the form of steak and chips which was so yummy. Then I fell asleep on the sofa because I am just the most romantic woman to be married to.

Deliveroo. On Wednesday evening I was home alone tackling a mountain of freelance work so I decided to bite the bullet and order deliveroo. I went for a stone baked pizza from our favourite local pizza restaurant, plus a coke and a pizza dolce for pudding which is basically a roll of pizza dough with nutella and coconut in the middle. It is a-mazing and made working until 10pm a little more bearable.

Being lazy. This week has been very full on, I have had the wedding plus so much work (both full time job and freelance) to catch up on, that something had to give. That something ended up being the gym, so this evening I am determined to bodypump and then to get out for a long walk over the weekend.

My husband turns 30. Ok so this technically doesn’t happen until tomorrow, but I am mega excited about it. It seems like no time since he was turning 18. In true ‘me’ form I haven’t gone for a simple present, instead I am arranging a memorable experience for each of the 12 months for the whole year he is 30. Yup, it probably would have been easier just to buy him a single present! But don’t forget I will turn 30 next year, so it’s a good incentive to help encourage him to do a good job for my present then haha. I’m obviously joking about that, I arrange these things because I love him and want to share these experiences with him.

Now onto the weekend. How was your week?

India xx





Weekend happiness: 6th February 2017


You know what? Sometimes getting the motivation to blog can be hard. But then sometimes, like today, I decide to just do it anyway even though I don’t have lots of exciting things to share. But what I do have is a few happy things that happened over the weekend, so here we go. Who knows, maybe getting back on the ol’ blogging horse today will be the start of a little routine?

Takeaway tea with friends. The weekend started with a somewhat failed attempt at getting takeaway, some Lebanese restaurant in Sheffield thought it was a-ok to take 2.5 hours to deliver food. Errm newsflash, that’s never ok. We rectified it in the end with a curry, and we had a good old catch up in the meantime, so the evening was still just as good.

Starting the day with a bacon sandwich. Perhaps not the healthiest way to start the weekend, takeaway on Friday followed by fried goods on Saturday, but hey we had soup for lunch that day so surely that counteracts all the saturated fat. Right?! Anyway on Saturday morning Richard popped out to the butchers and got us some of our fave bacon and some oven bottom bread cakes and made us a bacon sandwich and cup of tea each. There is officially no better way to fuel your weekend.

A big old clean. On Saturday morning we basically blitzed the house. We have neglected it for the past couple of weekends and it feels so nice to have a clean and (relatively) tidy house. The actual act of cleaning does not make me happy AT ALL but the results 100% do so maybe it’s worth lugging that hoover around a bit. Plus as a reward afterwards I got to lie on the sofa with this cutie watching over me. And yes his tongue is slightly sticking out. He melts my heart.


An ace hour of bodypump. On Sunday evening I went with my friend to bodypump, I haven’t done an hour long class in a while, purely because all I could make it to were the 45 minute ones for some reason, and it felt good to smash out a workout before the week had even begun.

The last wedding dress appointment. My sister gets married just a week from today. How crazy is that? So Sunday saw her last dress fitting, the next time we see her in that beauty of a dress will be on the big day. I am collecting it on Friday after it’s been steamed and readied and I just can’t wait for all the last minute preparations next weekend, it’s so exciting.

A healthy tea and youtube. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to watch your phone and eat and all that. But when Richard is away and I’m eating meals by myself (with the cats watching on for any scraps, of course) I like to watch youtube videos I have stored up from the week just for this purpose. On Sunday I munched on a pretty damn healthy stir fry and watched me some classic Hannah Gale weekly vlog and H&M haul.

Aaaaand now it’s Monday and we start a whole new week. I don’t have much planned this week apart from a few wedding prep bits and some gym classes. How was your weekend?

India xx


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